All Downtown Wilmington visitors should make a date with the Riverwalk, a long wooden walkway that follows the borders of the Cape Fear River and which provides plenty of unparalleled vistas along the way. Cruising past a number of famed landmarks, including the USS North Carolina Battleship, the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, and the heart of the waterfront downtown itself, the Riverwalk is the perfect combination of history, beauty, and culture, and is a welcome introduction to the renowned Port City.

The Riverwalk is open 24/7 and stretches for roughly 1 mile along the waterfront, although plans are in the works to extend it even further through the city. The wide boardwalk is lighted for after-hours strolls, and has a series of cozy benches and light landscaping for visitors who want to pause, linger, and admire the view. At any time, Riverwalk strollers can also easily hop off the wooden planks to pop into a waterfront restaurant or boutique, or can even take a side-trip to visit the USS Battleship, which is located just a shell’s throw away. Scenic throughout the year and a great spot for walkers, joggers, and everyday sightseers, the Wilmington Riverwalk is an iconic destination, and is a “must see” for any new Cape Fear visitor.

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