Bald Head Historic Island Tours works in conjunction with the Old Baldy Foundation to introduce Cape Fear vacationers to the historic Bald Head Island, or “Old Baldy” lighthouse. Located on a 10-acre site on the secluded Bald Head Island, and famous as the oldest lighthouse still standing in North Carolina, these tours take visitors to the heart of the structure, with plenty of stories and history along the way.

Old Baldy was built in 1817, and is distinctive among the lighthouses that are dotted along the Crystal Coast coastline for its octagonal shape, its ancient-looking brick exterior, and its patchwork pattern of mottled stucco plaster. It’s an original addition to the state-wide lighthouses to be sure, and visitors who sign up for the Bald Head Historic Island Tours will be treated to a full 2 hour exploration that focuses on the structure, as well as the island’s other amazing highlights. All transportation is provided, and tour-goers will also receive free admission to the lighthouse, which includes a mildly daunting climb to the top. Able to accommodate large families, clubs, and other special events, Bald Head Historic Island Tours provides a perfect opportunity for Bald Head Island visitors to explore the lighthouse itself, and discover all the stories and legacies that make this remote destination truly unique.

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