Boo & Roo’s is a fun and funky little gift shop that brings a little burst of modern appeal to classic southern style. Featuring a wealth of apparel, accessories, artworks, jewelry, and everything in between, this friendly store will allow Southport visitors to dress their best and fit right into the laid-back but fashion-forward Cape Fear scene.

Established in 2007, Boo & Roo’s is located in the heart of Southport, and is found along Howe Street, which is close to a host of restaurants, art galleries, and the scenic downtown waterfront itself. As such, it’s an easy spot for visitors who are touring the town in search of coastal treasures to bring back home a collection of finds. Once inside the store, patrons will find a world of unique but renowned products from lines such as Spartina 449, HOBO International, JPK, and Angel Dear, just to name a few. Pick up a colorful purse or beach bag for a waterfront adventure, or grab a fashionable new pair of flip flops to fit in with the locals along the docks. With an assortment of coastal attire, as well as wonderful gifts for holidays and special occasions, every patron will find something crave-worthy at this distinct and eye-catching store.

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