Wilmington is known for its rich history, and its’ incredible theater and entertainment scene, and the acclaimed Brooklyn Arts Center combines these two enticing attributes. Featuring a rotating line-up of shows, theater productions, and other events, this center provides world-class entertainment in a unique and eye-catching historic atmosphere.

The Brooklyn Arts Center Is actually the former St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, which was built on the corner of North 4thand Campbell streets after the Civil War in 1888. Devastated by Hurricane Fran in 1996, the church was eventually renovated and transformed into the arts center that it is today, while still retaining much of its decadent and historic chapel-style architectural details, including arched doorways, and pews scattered around the center. The center currently welcomes a host of nationally acclaimed acts in all genres of music, such as Delta Rae and Ani Defranco, as well as local performers, bands, and other theatrical acts. In addition, the Brooklyn Arts Center is the launching point and / or venue for a number of special events, including art shows and walks, and wedding or area tours. From an evening performance to a city-wide event, the Brooklyn Arts Center is paving the way for original entertainment in the heart of Downtown Wilmington.

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