Visitors of all ages will love Bullfrog Corner - an endlessly fascinating gift shop, filled with home décor, toys galore, books, games, puzzles, and the most incredible selection of candy sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, young or old! 

To many, Bullfrog Corner is known as the heart of Southport; just a stone’s throw from the waterfront, on the edge of Moore Street.  Visitors will know they’ve found the right spot as soon as they see the colorful array of garden flags, outdoor signs, and seasonal and holiday wreaths that complement the classic brick exterior.  This unique display is just a sampling of what’s in store, as the inside is literally a shopping experience just the way that Mr. Bullfrog intended it to be!    

As you enter the front door, let your imagination run wild!  Creep through pirate’s cove, explore sea life, discover the jungle, embrace the critters of the forest, daydream in fantasy land, or simply indulge in whatever your heart’s desire in candy land.  Every step is an adventure, and every item is a treasure, ranging from the unusual to the beautiful.  Bullfrog Corner is truly a great spot for all, and is promised to be a favorite giftshop destination for all of Southport’s visitors young and old.

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