Jade Garden is a fast and friendly Chinese food restaurant that’s found near a bustling and primarily residential section of Leland. Located close to both a grocery store and Highway 74 / 76, Jade Garden is a convenient spot for hurried locals and visitors to grab a hands-free family meal to enjoy in the comfort of home.

The restaurant does feature a small interior for dine-in patrons, but most folks come for the extensive take-out menu, which features a wide range of traditional Chinese selections in pint and quart sizes. Hungry patrons can start with a small House Specialty, like the fried chicken wings, the fried baby shrimp, or the fried crab or chicken sticks, and then move on to one of the many soups, salads, and entrees available. There’s well over 100 items to choose from, which includes fried rice and lo Mein dishes, chow Mein, sweet and sour dishes, Szechuan and Hunan dishes, and pork, seafood, beef, poultry, and vegetarian entrees. There’s also a modest collection of specialties, like sesame chicken, scallops and beef, and chicken with orange sauce, and all of the dishes are nicely priced to appeal to all budgets. Perfect on-the-go, Jade Garden allows patrons to enjoy a big Chinese meal without breaking the bank. 

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