The Kent Mitchell Nature Trail gives Bald Head Island visitors a chance to experience a natural slice of barrier island life that cuts through the perfectly preserved 800 acre maritime forest. Located on the southern edge of the island, and jetting just inland, this picturesque nature trail is a prime vantage point for birdwatching, wildlife watching, and just admiring the local native scenery.

The trail is about 1/2 mile long and takes most visitors just 15 minutes or so to complete, although hikers are welcome to linger a spell on one of the many grassy areas, or on one of the benches that are scattered throughout the path. The main trail is paved throughout, which makes it easy to access for all ages and abilities, and visitors who want a little more of a challenge will find a number of alternative paths that veer off from the main trail as well. Along the way, hikers can expect to see several hundred different species of birds, reptiles, and even mammals that are hiding out in the adjacent dense woods and marshes. Scenic any time of year, the Kent Mitchell Nature Trail is a fine introduction to the natural scenery that makes Bald Head Island a beloved vacation destination.

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