Paso Fino is a completely authentic Mexican food restaurant, bar, and lounge that serves up overflowing plates of budget-friendly cuisine, as well as hosts big name Latin acts and live music in the adjoining lounge area. A popular spot for dancing, concerts, drinks, or just a huge Mexican food lunch or dinner, Paso Fino is bringing a big dose of the Latin scene to the heart of Wilmington.

The restaurant has a central locale on the corner of College Road and Market Street, and is almost hard to find amidst the government buildings and big shopping centers. Hungry visitors who stop by, however, will be rewarded with big portions of traditional fare at fairly low prices, including enchiladas, tacos, and more unusual items like the Paso Fino Mexicano Molcajete, (which contains chicken, steak, Mexican sausage, pork, shrimp, nopal, jalapeño peppers, scallions & fresh cheese) or the Jibarito De Pernil (a sandwich made with flattened plantains instead of bread.) For something tropically inspired, try the Ceviche Mixto o Camarón, which is a special mix of vegetables, seafood, shrimp and fish.  Unique but wholly authentic, Paso Fino is a solid destination for Mexican food fans who know the local terms, love regionally cuisine differences, and who want a taste of something original. 

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